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Barack Obama's Astrological Profile

Written by Bernie Ashman

Welcome to an analysis of Barack Obama's Birthchart. I started writing these insights on 6/7/08, the day Hillary Clinton gave her great endorsement speech of Barack Obama in Washington, DC. I am an Independent and did vote for Hillary in the North Carolina primary during May, 2008. I am now going to support Barack Obama because I believe he will be best for the direction the U.S. needs to be taking. I hope you enjoy this tour through Barack's Chart.

Birth Chart Profile for Barack Obama

First have a brief meeting with a birthchart

The moment of birth is a unique point in time for each of us. It is a cosmic connection with universal forces. Astrology is a language that helps translate the symbolism of celestial events into a type of understandable psychology. The birthchart is a Blueprint of our consciousness. It is a magical RoadMap pointing to potential experiences that can transform us.

The primary ingredients of the birthchart are the planets, signs and houses. The ten planets symbolize different ways to direct actions. The Sun points to our will power and creative drive. The Moon is linked to our emotions and instincts. Mercury is symbolic of our perceptions and communication patterns. Venus denotes our relationship and romantic instincts as well as a search for comfort. Mars points to our assertiveness and courage. Jupiter symbolizes our philosophy and search for knowledge. Saturn points to our career yearnings and desire for serious life commitments. Uranus is indicative of freedom needs and our search for a clear sense of direction. Neptune inspires our idealism and spirituality. Pluto awakens our impulse to seek rebirth and to find passionate life pursuits.

The twelve signs give a coloring or shading to the planets. They are psychological processes that can show the planets operating through us in many diverse ways. The signs can be categorized according to four elements. There are Fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) which are fast moving and impulsive in nature. The Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) are more cautious and pragmatic in nature. The Air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) are intellectual and communicative in nature The Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) are more intuitive and emotional in nature.

The twelve houses represent different life arenas where our life is acted out. Each house is a territory saturated with valuable clues about our creative energies, thoughts and emotions. Imagine you are watching a play. The planets are the actors while the signs are the psychological makeup adorned by the actors. The houses are more related to Act One, Scene One or where the action is taking place. You could say the houses are the setting and offer a deep psychological atmosphere. Like the signs, the houses can be arranged by element. The Fire houses (1st, 5th and 9th) represent our more dramatic and action-oriented tendencies. The Earth houses (2nd, 6th and 10th) depict a natural tendency to seek stability and concrete commitments. The Air houses (3rd, 7th and 11th) point to our urge to communicate and develop our intellect. The Water houses (4th, 8th and 12th) denote our intuition and emotions.

Each person's chart will contain certain themes that seem to be easy to master. They are more flowing in nature. Then there are those places in the chart that really require great determination and our best judgment to get the best results. Every chart will show places of conflict. It's in how we deal with the ups and downs that strengthens us. The birthchart is a multidimensional lens offering suggestions how to redirect negative energies into positive expressions. The universe is constantly calling to us in a myriad of ways to grow in understanding. We have the freedom to choose our directions.

Part One: Barack Obama's Astrological Passport

Sun: Creative Vitality, Ego Needs, Self-expression

The Sun, Moon and what's known as the Ascendant are the first, middle and last names of our astrological identity. In a sense they are like a passport into understanding each of us. What is Barack's Sun sign? Barack is solarized through the sign of Leo. Why? Because he was born on August 4th, 1961, which means the Sun was moving through the sign of Leo. What does this mean? In traditional astrology Leo has a keyword theme: “I create”. The will power of Leo can be intense. This is a persistent fire sign. Barack will of course need to be strong to win the general election or to be President of the United States. Bill Clinton is a Leo and he was very successful in winning two presidential elections.

There is a stubborn streak in Leo. It's known for being a sign wanting to have things done on his or her own terms. Leaders have to be decisive. Of course it helps if a leader can listen. Barack has a side of him that can be very reflective and process oriented as you will see shortly.

Leo needs a big enough stage to shine and Barack is aspiring for a very large one! This sign can work through him to inspire others and to be a cheerleader. He should be a able to stare a crisis in the whites of it's eyes and get people to rally around his causes. This can be a charismatic sign that attracts attention. His big challenge may be to sell his ideas to people that are just getting to know him. However, Leo has that knack to get others to buy what they are selling, that is if they can put it into an understandable language. Patience is always a challenge for a fire sign. It's in mastering how to time decisions and waiting for people to be on the same page that Barack Obama may become a very successful leader.

Planets reside in astrological houses. So in which house does Barack's Leo Sun reside? It's the 6th house. This is a house that influences him to be thorough before making a decision. This house turf is as analytical as the 6th sign, Virgo. Diet and exercise are usually important to the 6th house Sun people. They tend to be perfectionists and need to watch out how far they take this.

This house placement slows down his speedy fiery sun. It's similar to a fighter jet (Leo) landing on an aircraft carrier, where there is apparatus (6th house) on the ship to slow down the fast-landing jet. He is apt to be good at knowing how to pace himself to avoid burnout. The 6th house often makes for good problem-solvers. The composite message of the Sun in Leo/6th house may find Barack being a true champion of middle-class working people.

The Moon: Home, Family, Emotions, Security

Barack is lunarized through the sign of Gemini, a fast-thinking air sign. This means his inner world is a mentally invigorating landscape. His primary instincts are a keen interest in communication and staying abreast of the latest breaking trends. His imagination can change directions quickly. The worlds of reading and learning are always nearby. He likes people that stimulate his thinking.

A test is channeling mental restlessness. His perceptions are sharp. Barack desires his home to be a place to relax his mind but at the same time to be a place of learning. He likes to know his life can be full of options and many roads to travel. Being on the go helps him process his thoughts.

His Moon is living in the 4th house at birth. What does this indicate? This is a terrain with great emotional depth, much like the 4th sign, Cancer. This shows the great influence of family. He has stated his mother, Ann Dunham, who died from cancer in 1995, was a great role model in his life. She made sure he got educated (Gemini) and made him feel secure in his identity.

Barack seems comfortable with women. Hillary Clinton campaigned for Barack to help him get elected to his Illinois senate seat. He seems to have learned how to trust his intuition and this can be attributed greatly to the love he received from his mother and other caring women in his life, like his grandmother.

His wife, Michelle, offers him great strength and is his key ally in life. She is a Sun sign Capricorn which is a very determined earth sign. In my book, SignMates, I call the Leo/Capricorn relationship The Executives. This would seem to indicate they might be the right couple for the White House.

Barack Obama is not really a citizen of any country, down-deep in his Moon in Gemini soul. He is such an eclectic person. It is a plus for him in being able to relate to people of diverse nationalities and backgrounds. Where there is somewhat of a problem is that some groups or people in his own country may have trouble feeling they have a clear picture of who he is. The composite message of the Moon in Gemini/4th house makes for an interesting combination-a man of powerful, moving words (Gemini) laced with complicated emotions (4th house) that are still evolving from places within himself that he is likely still discovering and yearning to clarify.

The Obama Ascendant or persona

The sign rising on the eastern horizon at the time of birth is called our Ascendant. It is the sign that starts the 1st house of the chart. The Ascendant is the image that we present to others. Think of this as a persona or mask You need an accurate birth time to pin down this sign. Barak's birth certificate was recently released showing a 7:24 PM time of birth. The Ascendant or Rising Sign for Barack is Aquarius. Does this sign fit? Actually, yes. He is being seen as an agent of change which is true of this full-of-surprises Aquarius air sign. Also, Barack has a strong appeal to non-affiliated or independent voters like myself. Aquarius keywords are independence, revolutionary and unconventional.

He does get perceived as being intellectual. There are times when people find him a bit aloof, which can be true of the sign as well. He wants to leave the past behind and forge the U.S. into a new direction, which is also Aquarian-speak. Obama is cutting-edge in being the first African American candidate to win a political party's nomination for President.

People of this ascendant persuasion like to surprise others. They can be unsettling to those not wanting change. Barack may be seen as a catalyst for change on one hand, and yet too out of the mainstream on the other. There can be a talent in getting a message or ideas across to groups of all different types. This Aquarian part of his nature helped his campaign excel in winning caucuses or small group settings in several states during the Democratic primaries.

The innate desire to experiment with new ideas comes as part of the Aquarius package. It's vital Barack move forward but at the same time make others feel somewhat comfortable with a new direction by being sure to talk in plain, old-fashioned, clear concepts. It's good for him to mix some emotion and humor in his speaking if he wants to relate to a wider part of the population.

Part Two: The Quest Planets

Mercury: Perceptions, Communication, Learning

Barack's perceptions are dramatic and restless with having Mercury placed in the sign of Leo. Lively hand gestures and walking back and forth while speaking are part of the package. His ideas can spark confidence in others. His words naturally draw a lot of attention.

Inflexibility could get him into trouble at times, but then again a leader needs to be a bit bold. Interjecting some humor lightens the tension when negotiating. He has a fast mind. Creative sparks fly through his brain synapses constantly. Self-confidence is usually nearby. The power to influence the minds of others can be displayed frequently.

Barack's Mercury sits comfortably in the 6th house along side of his Leo Sun sign. His solar fire and mental nature operate in a dual role bringing the possibility of getting much done in a short amount of time. He tends to stay fairly well organized for a rambling ahead fire sign guy. The 6th house is an area of service. Bringing his skills into serving others through leadership will always inspire him. He has a great capacity to analyze situations deeply, as the 6th house fosters this tendency. People having both the Sun and Mercury in the 6th house stay healthy when they learn how to channel worry into productive outlets. The composite message of Mercury in Leo/6th house shows a lively, razor-sharp intellect.

Venus: Relationships, Aesthetics, Values, Stability

Emotions are highlighted in Barack's people connections with having Venus placed in the sign of Cancer. His closest life partners are apt to be deep feeling types. Home and family are very cherished. His nurturing side is shown toward his soul mate and loved ones. However, he might not be so fast to trust anyone else! He is cautious when first meeting people.

This Venus in Cancer is a repeating theme in his chart. It repeats the theme of his 4th house Moon. Both the Moon and the sign Cancer place a heavy emphasis about being influenced by his roots. Making peace with his past may be part of his life script. His moods run deep. He tends to reflect deeply about the past and processes carefully any emotional turmoil in his life. He doesn't like to leave unfinished emotional business with those he truly adores. His ability to be a community organizer was aided by this Venus placement. The sign Cancer shows him to be very resourceful to handle crisis situations.

He has Venus living in the 5th house. What does this mean? He is a true romantic! Falling in love over and over with his spouse is something he wants to do. Barack is stimulated by creative people. Taking a risk comes naturally for a Leo Sun person and this theme repeats through the 5th house Venus. Movies, dining and sports are good ways for him to enjoy life and relieve stress. Leading by example is his innate way of motivating others to follow him. If he does win the Presidential election, he and his spouse, Michelle, will go out of their way to put some family atmosphere into the White House. The composite message of Venus in Cancer/5th house is someone radiating self-confidence and stimulating others to take the risk of venturing out into new growth.

Mars: Assertion, Identity, Competition, Courage

In mythology Mars was known as the god of war. In astrology it gives an indication how direct a person is or isn't. Mars is placed in Virgo for Barack. Is he a direct person? Yes and no, depending on the circumstances. He is an interesting mix of introversion and extroversion.

He is fast to respond to criticism. He hates it! Barack will need to learn which battles are worth fighting. He is bold in wanting to serve others,. The 6th sign of the zodiac, Virgo, repeats some of the same themes as the 6th house. He needs to have some routines because this is what keeps him focused and disciplined. He does better when not dwelling on his mistakes and when he learns from them.

Since Virgo shares an interest in health like the 6th house, Barack may turn out to be a strong advocate for those needing health insurance. He needs to show more of this side of himself to blue collar workers that are not always connecting with him. He needs to display a concern for everyday people more visibly through this planet/sign combination.

He is a great self-starter. This is especially true when not trying to be too perfect. His attention to detail shows him to be a solid organizer. He does possess great follow though.

Mars resides in Barack's 7th house. What does this mean? The 7th house is all about relationships. It's the house of social interactions. Our partnerships, whether romantic or non-romantic, are described here. Barack is a champion of fairness. He's not afraid to tread loudly where others might fear. If elected President, don't be surprised to see him fighting for the underdog. People say the Republican Presidential candidate, John McCain has a temper. What they might not yet know is that Barack Obama can display one too! This is true especially when someone steps on the toes of his most cherished causes.

Barack will show his spontaneity when his power is threatened. He will do anything necessary to protect the United States. He is patient and doesn't like to initiate attacks on others. The composite message of Mars in Virgo/7th house is a passionate person who isn't afraid to defend his position on issues and to protect those for whom he feels responsible.

Jupiter: Travel on the Mental and Physical Planes

Jupiter is placed in the sign Aquarius, just like his Aquarius Ascendant. This shows Barack is an independent thinker . He likes to draw from a wide variety of experiences when making decisions. Travel to foreign locations stimulates his inventive perceptions. His philosophical beliefs can be unconventional. It's no wonder that the pastor of his church, Reverend Wright, was a bit different than the norm. Groups and individuals with progressive outlooks appeal to him.

Barack's desire to be a leader of a new type of movement or to lead a country into a new direction is a part of his astrological portrait which appeals especially to the independent and very young voters. His ability to raise huge (Jupiter) sums of money through the internet (Aquarius) has surprised many people.

He is a big believer in hope as we all know. This can be attributed to having Jupiter situated in the watery 12th house. He is idealistic and sees the world as holding a cup that is half full rather than half empty. The 12th house is a place from which springs hope eternal and our romantic ideals. Barack has a strong spiritual basis to his entire belief system. He is willing to reach out to countries that the U.S. has been avoiding. Why? He feels he knows how to connect with them or at least wants to take a shot at it!

He is a man that loves many cultures. People are inspired by his faith in the future. There will always be those wanting him to clarify his positions on issues because he is a bit of a dreamer. There will be many voting for him because he in their opinion just might be the answer to unifying the country. The 12th house planets are vehicles through which unity can be achieved. With Jupiter here, he relishes the challenge of bridging the gaps between people. Jupiter is an educational planet. The composite message of Jupiter in Aquarius/12th house is seeking new ways to improve the learning systems and to stimulate people to awaken to alternative possibilities in their lives.

Part Three: The Journey Planets

Saturn: Ambition, Career, Commitment

Saturn is like a Cosmic Chiropractor showing the adjustments we must make as time goes on. It indicates where we tend to be focused and serious. Astronomers say if this planet fell from the sky it is light enough to float on an ocean! Yet we seem to be very serious regarding the placement of this heavenly body in our chart.

Barack has Saturn located in the sign of Capricorn. This is ambition plus! Leadership and political aspirations are natural instincts. He doesn't handle defeat all that well. It's important he doesn't get real down when losing a battle or if a plan falls short of its mark. A challenge is inflexibility or failure to make the right changes. If he becomes masterful in doing this there isn't much he won't accomplish. His commitment to finish what he starts is likely going to win a lot of friends and allies.

His Saturn rests in the 12th house along side his Jupiter. This points to a need to balance lofty aspirations (Jupiter) with solid reasoning (Saturn). George W. Bush, the current President, has this same house placement of Saturn. The Bush administration is known for circling their wagons and not sharing much of their hidden agenda that even got us into a war. Perhaps the composite message of Saturn in Capricorn/12th house is an Obama administration that will reach out through the unifying instincts of the 12th house and un-circle those wagons! A more inclusive Obama White House sure would be a refreshing change!

Uranus: Individuality, Rebellion, Inventiveness, Future Goals

This is a unique planet in astronomy. Uranus orbits on its side while the other planets orbit in a straight up and down manner. In astrology this planet is just as individualistic in symbolism. Uranus does not conform easily. It is Cosmic Lightning and can cause great disruption of our comfort zones. Freedom and equality are keywords. Unconventional tendencies are linked to this planet. A love of new technologies and discoveries is part of the Uranian picture.

Like with his Sun and Mercury planets, Barack has Uranus in the sign Leo. His ideas are a lightning rod to ignite others to act. There is a bold desire to explore uncharted territories. The creative impulse is powerful. Patience doesn't come easy. Risk-taking is stimulating. Promoting and raising the money to finance new discoveries is something he enjoys.

He has Uranus located in the 7th house, the area of partnerships and socializing. He can connect mentally with just about anybody if he really tries. The trick is not getting too intellectually distanced from others. This is a powerful place in his chart to reach independent voters. But he isn't limited to one type of group. He needs to keep his message very inclusive in running against McCain and throughout his Presidency if he wins the election. The composite message of Uranus in Leo/7th house is that he loves interacting with the public but on his own terms. Being seen as a change agent is aided by his Aquarian Ascendant and this electrifying Uranus!

Neptune: Dreams, Spirituality, Idealism, Faith, Escapism

Some lofty descriptions of Neptune, the Cosmic Dream Weaver, are listed above. They are true! So is the divine discontent and too much desire for perfection that is associated with this planet. Compassion can be just as likely as guilt with Neptune. Faith and higher values are found here. The arts and creative imagination can manifest when we tune into the magic of this motif. Pay special attention to the house description that follows for Barack's Neptune. The reason for this being that Neptune remains in one sign for about fourteen years. It's sign symbolism is harder to predict because generations of people are going to have the same sign placement.

Barack's Neptune is in Scorpio. It's possible his Neptune dream for change could bring a Scorpio type collective rebirth for the United States. Since Scorpio is connected to taxes, he just might be successful in reforming the tax system into something more equitable for lower wage earners. His leaving behind Reverend Wright and his Chicago church affiliation may have been painful but at the same time opens the door to perhaps a new spirituality. Scorpio's research symbolism lends itself to a keen interest in stem cell and other health breakthroughs. He has a potential to show great poise in dealing with danger. The Presidential role could display his intuition in finding ways to solve crisis situations when they occur and better yet, he could prove adept at circumventing trouble before it escalates. He will attract a great team of advisors if elected President.

For you historians: the last time the U.S. had a Neptune in Scorpio President was in the 19th century. Actually there were three Presidents born with Neptune in Scorpio. James Polk, born in1795, served from 1845-1849. Willard Fillmore, born in 1800, served from 1850-1853. Franklin Pierce, born in 1804, served from 1853-1857.

Where is Barack's Neptune housed? The 9th house is the answer. This terrain is known for its interest in education and learning. He has a dreamy planet in an idealistic house---get the picture? It's obvious he can inspire through a powerful oratory. Also, this is the house of the writer and teacher. He has already had books published. It is probable more book writing is in his future. The 9th house can stimulate him to have a broad vision and to want to touch the psyche of foreign countries. A strong and empowering faith is his constant ally. Running away from conflict is the shadow of this placement. Yet the composite message of Neptune in Scorpio/9th house reveals someone able to face adversity, lifting him to a higher level of understanding, and being a motivating force for others to seek change.

Pluto: Personal Power, Rebirth, Passion, Money Management

Soul-searching can come through this deep penetrating planet. Cosmic Composting is possible as we try to turn self-defeating behaviors into more positive expressions. Business savvy is connected to Pluto. Like Neptune, pay special attention to Barack's house position of Pluto. This is another generational planet, remaining twelve to thirty years in a sign making the sign symbolism more difficult to interpret.

Barack has Pluto placed in the sign Virgo. There is something very interesting about this. If Barack wins the Presidential election in November, 2008, he will become the first Pluto in Virgo President the U.S. has ever had! I own a book, Horoscopes of the U.S. Presidents, by Doris Chase Doane, first published in 1952 and reprinted in 1971. The first President was George Washington, who was born in 1732. He had Pluto in the sign Libra. John Adams was the second President. He was born in 1735, also with Pluto in Libra. Virgo is of course the sign preceding Libra. The Presidents following Washington and Adams had Pluto in signs following Libra. It takes this planet about 240 years to travel through the twelve signs. It didn't return to Virgo until late 1956 and stayed in Virgo until 1972. Barack is the first person from the Pluto in Virgo generation that has a serious chance to win the Presidency.

For you historians: John McCain has Pluto in Cancer. There were two other Presidents with Pluto in Cancer: John F. Kennedy, elected in 1960 and George H. Bush, elected in 1988. Bill Clinton elected President in 1992 and 1996, was born with Pluto in Leo. Likewise, Hillary Clinton was born with Pluto in Leo.

Barack's psychological intensity is captured by dealing with problems and in the search for solutions. It's interesting that Hillary Clinton calls herself a solutions person. So is Barack Obama! Learning new skills and helping find new types of employment for the work force will drive him onward. Excess worry is the nemesis for Virgo. He will need to remember to stay focused on the big picture, "not losing the forest for the trees" as the old saying goes. The call to service is his passion.

Pluto lives in Barack's 7th house. He could display a masterful sense of being a diplomat. Foreign powers will perceive him as willing to compromise. They may be surprised to find he can be difficult to fool. He learns fast from past mistakes. He bonds deeply with partners. His spouse is his real confidante and always will be. You have to earn his trust. He tends to be very loyal to those who support him. There is a side of him indicated here that he might forgive but not necessarily forget. He has a natural gift to empower others. The composite message of Pluto in Virgo/7th house reveals a capacity to move mountains through his words and actions.

Nodes of the Moon: The Soul's Journey

In any chart there is a symbol that looks like a pair of upside down headphones. This is called the South Node of the Moon. It is not a planet but a key component of our journey through life. Click onto Barack Obama's chart, you will see this symbol in his 1st house. It is a powerful past life indicator. If you have trouble with the concept of reincarnation, then think of this as a subconscious influence. The South Node symbolizes some of our deepest past life patterns. The North Node of the Moon looks like a right side up pair of headphones. Click to see this symbol in Barack's 7th house. It is always positioned directly across or opposite from the south node by sign and house placement. In my opinion, each of these nodes point to past life work or certain paths we need to balance in this life. When we tune into this polarity it's possible to release great creativity and accomplish much soul growth! What if we exit onto paths that are not good for us? Life usually sends us messages and clues on how to get back on track.

Barack's North Node is in the sign Leo, just like his Sun, Mercury and Uranus. He came into this life to explore his creativity. This reflects his dynamic burst of energy to express himself in numerous directions. He has a natural ability to promote himself and those he admires. The shadow of this placement is to sacrifice too much to hear the applause. Barack seems comfortable within his identity enough not to worry about seeking approval to the extreme. There is a tremendous determination in his soul to reach his goals. He has the good fortune to attract cheering supporters. Charisma is part of this Node in Leo placement.

Since Barack's North Node is in the 7th house he definitely entered this incarnation to explore the world of people as well. Seeking a soul mate was heartfelt from the beginning. A drive to make people connections has been a big part of his political life. This will help him work with people from all sorts of diverse backgrounds. The 7th house denotes our social life. It's how we engage with others. He would seem to have a natural instinct to touch the heart and soul of many individuals. There are those people having the Node in the 7th house who never met a stranger and he might be one of them!

Which opposite sign contains Barack's South Node of the Moon? The answer is Aquarius. He has a past life history of being a revolutionary and individualist. Being an innovator and inventor is part of this past as well. He was someone who enjoyed shocking people out of their comfort zones and routines in past lives. He is always attracted to new societal trends and has a rich past of being a cutting edge catalyst. Aloofness made him difficult to understand at times. When he rebelled with a cause people noticed whether they agreed with him or not. The composite of Leo/Aquarius nodes is a powerful creative (Leo) manifestation to walk his talk and to step into roles that are unique (Aquarius).

The final piece of the past life puzzle is the South Node in the 1st house. He came into this life with a yearning to know himself on the deepest of levels. He has a drive to keep clarifying his identity. Whereas the 7th house is other-people oriented, the 1st house is me-oriented. In his past life he wore many personas. He truly wants to be his own person. Balancing the me-expectations with what others want from him is a constant pull. The composite of the 1st/7th house nodes is to assert (1st house) his own goals and bring harmony (7th house) into his relationship with others.

Part Four: Planetary Aspects---- Magical Cycles of Becoming

The processes of life are reflected in the angular alignment of the planets to one another in our birthchart. These are referred to as planetary aspects by astrologers. This is astrology's language in some of its greatest symbolic wisdom. If you don't understand the technical explanations for the aspects in this section and want to skip this, then please do so! Just focus on the interpretations given for these aspects in Barack's chart.

The aspects are certain angular distances separating one planet from another in a chart that are of special significance. There are two soft or less intense aspects. One is the Sextile which is 60 degrees of distance separating two planets. The Sextile keywords are mental excitement and sharp insight. The second soft aspect is the Trine, which is 120 degrees of separation. The Trine keywords are harmony and unifying. The Sextile and Trine are aspects you will notice that indicate more flowing themes. In other words the planets interacting with one another are easier for us to express in these two types of combinations. Think of it as two planets running along the same electrical circuit that are traveling in the same direction together. We tend to be more at ease in tapping into these energy frequencies in life.

There are three hard or more intense aspects. The first is the Conjunction. This represents planets with no degrees of separation between them or let's say relatively few. They are joined at the hip in our chart, just like in astronomy, where two planets are traveling close together in the skies. The Conjunction keywords are fusion and initiating. This is a dynamic aspect in that the planets involved in this aspect can forcefully be part of discovering our greatest potential. The second more intense aspect is the Square, which is 90 degrees of separation between two planets. The Square keywords are friction and conflict. This alignment can denote creative opportunities but requires some of our best judgment and persistence to get the best results. The third intense aspect is the Opposition, which is 180 degrees of separation. The opposition keywords are objectivity and balance. The planets that compose this alignment likely will emerge in our key relationships.

This family of intense aspects makes us sweat! These are the planetary pairs moving along the same electrical circuit, wanting to pull in their own directions, symbolizing our inner struggle to achieve peace and to find creative outlets for this powerful energy. We may not be at ease like in the softer aspects, but it is the intense aspects that point to our determination, grit, wisdom and commitment that define us. They require our patience, flexibility and even humor!

You will notice in parentheses the planets that support my interpretations. I did this for the many students and practitioners of Astrology so they can see my reasoning.

Barack Obama's Planetary Aspect Pairs

Sun Square Neptune: The Audacity (Sun) of His Hope (Neptune)

We are starting with an intense aspect! The boldness (Sun) to push (Square) for his Dreams and Hopes (Neptune). Barack “really” believes he can change Washington. Maybe he can! He isn't wanting to hear he can't with this dynamic planetary combination. He is ridiculously idealistic (Neptune) but has the fortitude (Sun) to make us believe in him. People can be full of denial (Neptune) with this aspect. They can be foolish dreamers and run from reality. However, when someone has intuitive (Neptune) clarity, knows their limits, and is risk-taking (Sun), they can climb an impossible mountain.

This planetary duo greatly defines his ego (Sun) bathed in his faith (Neptune) that life will reward his efforts. He finds confidence (Sun) through the love (Neptune) of his life, Michelle Obama. He doesn't really like being away from his loved ones on the campaign trail or doing business, but is willing to make the sacrifice (Neptune) if it will bring him the leadership (Sun) role he desires.

This aspect symbolizes his charisma. When his willpower (Sun) is struggling with conflict (Square), it's his belief in a higher power (Neptune) and the support from his closest allies that pull him through. He is apt to show his insight into healthcare (Neptune) and the environment (Neptune) whether he remains a senator or has the good fortune to be the next President of the U.S. He is very emotional (Neptune) yet can push through (Sun) to move forward decisively. It's his innate ability to be a unifier (Neptune) and to instill confidence (Sun) that will always propel him into a popular public eye.

Moon Sextile Mercury: Instincts (Moon) for Exciting Ideas (Mercury)

Barack has the inner (Moon) mental (Mercury) network to read people well and get his thoughts across clearly. He doesn't like to sit still. There is a restless desire to be on the move. A fast mind that can decipher details seems to be an accurate read on him. It's better to get to the point fast when talking to him or he might lose interest.

His mother (Moon) influenced him to keep learning and to get very educated (Mercury). He likes women (Moon) and more sensitive (Moon) men because they are more in sync with his perceptions (Mercury) of the world. His wife and he are a solid team. Barack depends on her for feedback (Mercury) about how he is capturing the mood (Moon) of others. Also, he adores her ability to communicate (Mercury) at a level that is similar to his own.

Barack gets bored easily. He likes diversity (Mercury) in his job and won't ever be chained to a desk! Let him walk, jog, play basketball, take the family out for an outing, and go forth and do good works.

Moon Trine Jupiter: Intuitive (Moon) Faith (Jupiter)

His psyche (Moon) enjoys travel (Jupiter) . It helps him maintain a broader (Jupiter) outlook about the world. His positive (Jupiter) demeanor makes others feel (Moon) at ease. His instincts (Moon) to be an optimist attract good luck (Jupiter). If he chooses to hide (Moon) from conflict and take the paths of least resistance (Jupiter) he will miss growth opportunities. If he will have the inner (Moon) strength to take the high road (Jupiter), he will attract the support he needs from friends and even opponents. Family retreats (Moon) replenish his mental batteries (Jupiter) and allow him to come back strong. Sensing (Moon) how to best deal with foreign (Jupiter) countries is a natural talent. He respects the rituals (Jupiter) of the world cultures (Moon)

Moon Square Pluto: Emotional (Moon) Rebirths (Pluto)

This shows a person with potentially a deep inner (Moon) landscape of great strength (Pluto). The I-Ching has a saying: “Perseverance furthers those who persevere”. This describes Barack Obama. He has the instincts (Moon) to push aside the resistance of people for change and to empower (Pluto) these same individuals by showing them through actions he is on their side. The United States chart has the Sun sign in Cancer (July 4th 1776).The ruler of Cancer is the Moon. This dude does seem to be perhaps coming along at the right time since the United States appears ready for a dramatic changing of the guard in the White House. Barack has the capacity to embrace the mood (Moon) of the country to transform (Pluto) itself into a new direction.

The departure of Barack's father while he was a child, a key family (Moon) member and later the early death (Pluto) of his mother (Moon) from ovarian cancer, are deep seated memories (Moon). It depends on how someone deals with these losses (Pluto). They can either be a source of emotional (Moon) confusion and hidden (Pluto) hostility at the world or a source of inner (Moon) power (Pluto). Barack seems to have made peace with this part of his life and has poured this emotional (Moon ) intensity (Pluto) into his life's work and into securing his current family relationships. He has converted (Pluto) the past (Moon) into a valuable ally.

Mercury oppose Jupiter: Lively Exchange (Mercury) of Philosophical (Jupiter) Ideas

Barack is a natural teacher (Mercury & Jupiter). Communicating ideas (Mercury) confidently (Jupiter) is part of his repertoire. He finds it exhilarating to travel (Mercury & Jupiter) on the physical and mental avenues of life. He can sell (Jupiter) his ideas (Mercury) to people by his impeccable faith (Jupiter) that growth sets us free. Luck (Jupiter) follows him to every corner of the world. Is there anything that can go wrong in this planetary alignment? Overconfidence and promising too much (Jupiter)! His Capricorn soul mate, Michelle, keeps him realistic in his expectations. It's vital he has as many people in his life telling him “no” as “yes” in advising him about his enthusiastic (Jupiter) perceptions (Mercury) of possible choices. If elected President, he will have a tremendous influence about judges (Jupiter). His appointments to the Supreme Court will prove historically important. Barack will likely have key input into education (Mercury & Jupiter) as well.

Mercury Oppose Saturn: Business (Saturn) Communications (Mercury)

Don't underestimate Mr. Obama's ability to perceive (Mercury) how to defeat political (Saturn) opponents! This planetary combination makes him a match to go up against anyone. Developing strategies (Saturn) to outmaneuver (Mercury) and to think of a checkmate move are alive and well in his head. He can stay focused (Saturn) mentally (Mercury) for sustained periods of time. There is no doubt he can be a shrewd negotiator (Saturn) in getting his communication (Mercury) points accomplished. Is there a rub here? Perhaps showing inflexibility (Saturn) in his thinking (Mercury) at times. The upside is definitely a person who follows through on verbal or written (Mercury) commitments (Saturn).

Mercury square Neptune: Logic (Mercury) squares off with Dreaming (Neptune)

They never said life would be easy for any of us! Barack probably perceived (Mercury) early in his life that to make his ideals (Neptune) become real he would have to believe greatly in them. Being able to separate fact (Mercury) from illogical fiction (Neptune) is a talent he carries around in his back pocket. He does need to be careful in trusting the right advice. He seems to have his thinking (Mercury) on the ground enough to beware of false prophets (Neptune) and advisers. He likes to trust his intuition.

Venus Sextile Uranus: Choosing Unique (Uranus) Allies (Venus)

Barack's choosing a Vice-President is as much his wanting to win the Presidency as feeling comfortable (Venus) with the goals (Uranus) of the partnership (Venus). He likes to do business with those he shares the same values (Venus). He appreciates partners or close associates (Venus) able to make independent (Uranus) decisions. He does not like a friend or partner always making key decisions without him. Barack has amazing diplomatic (Venus) instincts in connecting with a wide array of groups (Uranus). He expects to be respected as an equal (Uranus) and likes to treat others this way. The exchange of new (Uranus) ideas with others (Venus) excites (Sextile) him.

Venus trine Neptune: Intuitive (Neptune) about people (Venus)

Barack is drawn to people (Venus) not afraid to be dreamers (Neptune). He attracts the support of people in the arts (Neptune) and in return will do a lot to support them if elected President. The environment (Venus & Neptune) will get fully funded (Venus) under his watch as well. He is a meditative (Neptune) person who appreciates peace (Venus). Barack and his soul mate, Michelle, (Venus & Neptune) share a mutual admiration for each other.

Venus Sextile Pluto: Creating win-win negotiations (Pluto) with others (Venus)

He may not be able to turn bread into wine but he can change adversaries (Pluto) into peaceful allies (Venus). Barack's got the know-how to convert (Pluto) the unpleasant into serenity (Venus). He has a deep (Pluto) value (Venus) system that goes through a metamorphosis (Pluto) now and then. He processes (Pluto) conversations with people (Venus) over and over again. Barack likes to create outcomes (Pluto) with others that leave him and the other person feeling like they were treated fairly (Venus). He tends to trust (Pluto) individuals faster if he can sense they have his best interest in mind and if he feels comfortable (Venus) with them.

Mars Trine Saturn: I am bravely (Mars) ready to Lead (Saturn)

The appropriate timing (Saturn) of actions (Mars) flows (Trine) for him. Barack has a directness (Mars) that can impress authority figures (Saturn). It's no wonder Ted Kennedy, an elder statesman (Saturn) felt Barack could boldly (Mars) lead (Saturn) from day one if elected to the Presidency. Barack would rather be on the move (Mars) than sitting in a structured (Saturn) debate. He won't back-down (Mars) easily from challenges to his own authority (Saturn). He prefers to stay cool (Saturn) when his anger (Mars) is provoked. He is hoping his fiery enthusiasm (Mars) to be President will outweigh his lack of experience (Saturn) in the minds of the voters.

Jupiter conjunction with Saturn: Good Judgment (Jupiter) trumps Experience (Saturn)

Exercising sound (Saturn) judgment (Jupiter) is what Barack has said he does better than the other candidates running for President. He has a youthful (Jupiter) gaze in his what appear to be deep politically (Saturn) seasoned eyes. He has a vision that understands foreign (Jupiter) affairs and their leaders (Saturn). He has a clear grasp of the cultural (Jupiter) beliefs of other nations (Saturn). Barack's legal (Jupiter) knowledge would serve him well in the Presidency (Saturn). He would have a profound impact on appointing judges (Jupiter) to the Supreme Court or lower courts. As a matter of fact, he would enjoy overhauling more than one government institution (Saturn). Since this conjunction occurs in his 12th house, he would likely be very interested in making decisions that help the climate. Alternative energy systems would likely get a real boost under his reign.

Jupiter Square Neptune: The Prosperity (Jupiter) found in his Compassion (Neptune)

When it comes to idealism, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest possible score, Barack has to be a 10 ! No kidding, his life philosophy (Jupiter) is that any dream (Neptune) just might come true if you make the effort. He truly believes his foreign (Jupiter) policy ideas will bring about more peace (Neptune) in the world than we currently have. This guy likely figures he can work out a treaty (Jupiter) or agreement with countries by inspiring (Neptune) them to rethink their positions. Barack's spiritual (Jupiter & Neptune) experience means as much to him as what he accomplishes in the world. This is yet another indicator in his chart that he would encounter a confrontation (square) regarding his religion (Jupiter) and ideals (Neptune) as in the Reverend Wright situation. Guilt (Neptune) and overconfidence (Jupiter) are the down-sides in this planetary alignment. A replenished spirit (Neptune) and renewed optimism (Jupiter) are the upsides if he is clear about facing conflict (square). He has the good luck (Jupiter) of being quite intuitive (Neptune), especially when he isn't hesitant in making that luck manifest!

Neptune sextile Pluto: Waves (Neptune) of Charisma (Pluto)

Barack has a magical (Neptune) appeal that is making him the champion of a political party (Pluto). He seems to intuitively (Neptune) know how to passionately (Pluto) capture the attention of audiences. He may really feel a compassionate (Neptune) pull to help the lower income (Pluto) population. If elected President, Barack might make an emotional (Neptune) appeal, as well as make a power play (Pluto), to get congress to overhaul the tax structure. He certainly has an inner sense (Neptune) for negotiating (Pluto) on issues he wants to make happen.

Uranus conjunct North Node of Moon: Surprising (Uranus) Destiny (North Node)

Planets can form aspects with the Nodes of the Moon and this is a huge one!! When Barack said he felt he couldn't wait until the future to run for President, he was likely talking from this aspect! In my opinion, he couldn't wait (Uranus) to enter this incarnation (North Node) either! He relishes the role of being a change-maker. Barack is excited about experimenting (Uranus) with new ideas. He senses his life is on the right course (North Node) when he feels like a true individualist (Uranus). Breaking (Uranus) patterns or rules is a deep calling in his soul (North Node). When a society or country is in need of a catalyst to bring in a new future (Uranus), it is someone with this aspect that often comes forward, as though he or she feels it as destiny (North Node). This conjunction occurs in Barack's 7th house, a territory symbolizing relationships of all types. He attracts free-thinking (Uranus) people hoping to take a ride into a magical (North Node) realm with him. He will always be surrounded by individuals with great insight about progressive (Uranus) trends. Barack Obama's karmic (North Node) path will be tied in one way or another to the collective goals (Uranus) of a country.


These interpretations were completed today, June, 21st, 2008. What an amazing primary season! The general election has just begun between Obama and McCain. It will be interesting to see if Barack Obama becomes the first African American President and the first President with Pluto placed in Virgo. Or do we get the three-peat of Pluto in Cancer with John McCain. Barack does seem to be more in tune with the heartbeat of the United States in regard for new direction. The voters will decide on 11/4/08. I hope you enjoyed the interpretations. Contact me if you have any comments or questions!

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